Mirjam Verhoog


Ever sinds i remember i was always fascinated by drawing at a very young age.
It started with drawing things around me. For example, my black fluffy cat. I doodled his black fur with a lot of stripes and scribbles. Eventually i start drawing more and more even during the lessons. With my black fluffy cat illustration i won my first drawing competition in the primary school.

During the time i developed a love for illustration. I created my own comics, characters, worlds and bring them to life with my illustrations.

All these steps brought me to the Grafisch Lyceum. I graduated in Art & Design. I learned how to graphic design, create small video’s and learned the old techniques of painting. This was foundation to specialise in Illustration.

The next step for me was the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam.
Here I got the opportunity to study illustration. I learned all the fundamentals of illustration; what is the story behind an image, what kind of techniques for creating a illustration, and dive into the world of arts.

After graduating I started my freelance carrier as an illustrator and bought me to in60seconds, where I currently work.
Here I create visuals for explanimation video’s.

Everything comes together of all the steps I have taken in the past; create visuals for story’s, characters, worlds and in all kind of different styles and techniques.

Copyright by Mirjam Verhoog