Exposition Healing Landscape

One big adventurous landscape

Healing Landscape was my graduation project.
It represents a great big green landscape. Research tells us that green scenery a positive influence creates for on the human brain.

I wanted to create one big artwork what gives a moment of peace in a crowded area. In the landscape you can find some small lost villages, creatures and all kinds of greenery.

Exposition Healing Landscape:

Current exposition: ZonMW The Hague ( July 2017).

Gemeente Binnenmaas ( January 2017).

Willem De Kooning Academy Rotterdam (June 2016).



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Exposition Gemeente Binnenmaas

The Healing landscape has been nominated for the exposition at the Gemeente Binnenmaas.

Exposition Willem The Kooning Academy Rotterdam

The Healing Landscape first exposition was at the graduation expo at the Willem de Kooning Academy.


Exposition ZonMW The Hague

The current location of the Healing Landscape is at ZonMW in The Hague.

Copyright by Mirjam Verhoog